Why should we Eat Organic?

Eat organic

“Your body needs to eat clean and green”

We see a lot of people saying eat healthy and nutritious. What does it mean to eat healthily? Let’s find out the main reason why people focus more on beneficial nutrients and organic food. Have you ever grown vegetables at your home using natural fertilizers? If yes, then you must be aware of its taste after cooking. You can easily differentiate between the cooked homegrown vegetables and their conventional counterparts.

The word organic food portrays healthy stuff full of nutrients. Organic food is grown naturally without chemical fertilizers and contains a rich amount of antioxidants and nutrients. That is why it is always advised to eat homegrown or organic food. Organic farming saves environment in many aspects as while growing crops there is less pollution, soil erosion and more conservation of water.

If you are residing in India, you can easily avail fresh and pesticide-free organic groceries. With the rise in the consumption of organic food, many stores are selling 100% organic groceries. If you live in a particular state, you can still get organic products by sitting at your home. Like in Pune, then some stores that deliver organic food in Pune and also across India.

Let’s read out why we should eat organically grown food.

  • Organic crops have less chemical exposure

Organic eating is healthier because your body will be less exposed to harmful pesticides and herbicides. While doing organic farming, synthetic fertilizers are restricted, and farmers use natural ways to keep the pests away from crops. Some fertilizers that are approved can be used, and they are not even man-made pesticides.  When you consume food that has low exposure to chemicals, you are feeding yourself with higher vitamins and antioxidants, magnesium, etc.

  • Organic milk and dairy products have higher nutritional content

Organic meat and milk has higher Omega-3 fatty acids as compared to conventional meat and regular milk. You may say that it’s healthier to eat organic milk and dairy products in which no hormones are used for rapid growth.

  • GMO-free food

In organic food, the natural organisms of soil are not killed or modified. Thus, the food grown naturally is always free from any genetic modifications known as GMO –free food. The genetically modified organisms are used in the crops to grow them faster to sell organic groceries in the market. It is strictly prohibited to use GMOs in organic products.

  • Organic food has rich antioxidants, magnesium and phosphorus.

When farmers spray the chemicals on crops, it destroys the harmful pests and also the useful microbial life in the soil. Soil has some essential nutrients that help the crops to grow and feeds them all the essential vitamins. An organically grown onion has more antioxidants than the one grown conventionally.


Switching to organic eating does not mean you have to change your eating habits and products overnight. You can start by eating organic fruits first, then slowly organic vegetables and so on. When you are out to buy organic groceries, check the label as they have more than 95% organic ingredients in them.

Eat healthy that is grown by nature!!

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