Health Benefit of cold-pressed oils

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Oil is an essential part of our diet, and if you are an Indian, you must be well aware of how much oil Indians use while preparing different dishes. Being health conscious is essential because it has a direct connection with your overall health. Your cardiovascular health is related to what and how you eat. The growing trend of living a healthy lifestyle is increasing day by day, people have started opting for organic cold-pressed oil. You might be imagining the difference between cold-pressed and refined oil. So, let’s understand the difference between organic cold-pressed and refined oil.

Cold-pressed oil has more nutritional and health benefits as compared to refined oil. The cold-pressed oil is crushed slowly, and oil gets extracted in natural ways whereas, extraction of refined oil requires heat.  If you are an Indian, you must have heard the names like “kachi Ghani”, “kolhu” are the words used for cold-pressed oil. Moreover, refined oils have some chemicals added to them.

Is cold press oil healthier or not?

Cold-pressed oil is healthier because high heat is used to extract refined oil that decreases its nutritional value. Whereas cold-pressed oils do not use heat, their nutrients remain intact, and it boosts your immunity. It is healthier for the skin, hair, and easy to add to your diet. Cold-pressed oil has different types like sesame oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and more. Let’s discuss some benefits of cold-pressed oils.

Benefits of Cold-pressed oil

  1. High Nutrition

Cold-pressed oil has much higher nutrients than regular refined oils. It contains some essential vitamins, natural fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A, C, E, D, and much high nutrition value. Dieticians and nutrition recommend cold-pressed oil because it reduces the chances of stroke and heart disease. Using refined oil every day can cause serious health issues.

  1. Shell-life

Refined oils that we use regularly get mixed with harmful chemicals during the hydrogenation process, and with this, their shell life increases. The natural organic oils are unfiltered and are naturally processed that’s why their shell-life is shorter. You will find refined oils are cheaper as compared to cold-pressed oil.

  1. Cooking methods

Usually, cold-pressed oil is used in Indian homes for making food. It is used for cooking food that needs low to medium heat. Whereas, you might have seen that hot-pressed and refined oils are used for frying because of the high smoking point that they contain. Yes, it is difficult and expensive to switch from regular oil to cold-pressed oil but, small changes add big benefits to your health. You can include coconut oil, olive oil, walnut, etc., in your cooking methods.


Excess of everything is bad is a known proverb, and consuming excess oil is also bad whether cold-pressed or regular oil. Moreover, the taste of cold-pressed oil is better than refined oil as the food prepared in it tasted good.

You will get all the healthy fats that are needed by the body in cold-pressed oil. Cold-pressed oil contains a good amount of oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. These two are the most important antioxidants essential for our body.  Orgakawach foods is a store in pune that sells 100% pure organic products. If you are a resident of the same city, you can easily buy cold-pressed oil in pune.

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